Hey guys! I havent held a contest since the winter, and I have some new things to give away. These things I either don’t wear anymore or I already have.

The items are:
-a breathe carolina bracelet that reads “eat sleep breathe carolina”
-a a day to remember bracelet that reads “get low a day to remember”
-a large glamour kills hoodie that says “never have i felt so alive”
-a you me at six little booklet that was signed by all the members
-a medium all time low t-shirt
-a medium JAGK t-shirt
-a medium you me at six bite my tounge shirt
-a medium bring me the horizon cardigan

1- must be following me (ill be checking)
2-reblogs only, reblog as much as you’d like
3-ill ship anywhere in the u.s.
4-if you win you’ll only get one thing out of the items above, there will be more than one winner
5-ill ship anywhere in the world.

Contest ends August 24th. Good luck!

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Anonymous asked:
I've honestly had a weird, IdkwhoyouarebutIstilllikeyou Kind of crush. I'm a girl. I have you on Facebook.. but my friend likes you, and you dont like him.. but I doubt we'll ever happen into something more. We're not into the same things. And I live miles away. Im probably not your type. So I'll spill no more. Just know, someone likes who you are, how you are, and how you carry yourself :)

Oh my lovely love. This is too sweet…please message me, and tell me who you are on Facebook? I honestly think you should tell me <3 c:

paintedturtles-deactivated20120 asked:
omg, you're fucking adorable <3

lol, oh no I am not! :P but you’re gorgeous c: